Out of Town Patient

Plan on Coming to Miami, Florida?

If you are heading through Miami, Florida you will be amazed of the beauty of the city, landscape and the people that make up this South Florida hot spot. Miami is all about trend-setting and looking youthful–at your very best. You can achieve this look by taking care of yourself and your appearance. If you are just passing through as an out of town patient, you can still get cosmetic surgery procedures done while you are here and Miami has some of the best plastic surgeons in the business.

Short on Time?

Visiting relatives or on vacation? As an out of town patient, there are several procedures you can get done on an outpatient basis and the recovery time is quicker than you may think. Our office offers a boutique-like experience where you are pampered and treated like Hollywood elite the second you walk through the door. Let us pamper you on a personal basis while we educate you on the best procedure based on your needs. We pride ourselves on great patient service from an educational standpoint, so you leave our office satisfied with your questions answered and confident you made the right choice to improve your appearance.

Need Something Quick?

Facial enhancement procedures are perfect for a quick fix and can get rid of under eye bags, reduce saggy, wrinkled skin and lift your face to reveal a younger, more refreshed you. All of these procedures can be done in our office, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Looking for Non-Surgical Treatments?

Other non-surgical procedures you can get done in a day include Botox injections, facial and skin peels, laser procedures and facial fillers. Come see us and rejuvenate yourself! You will come back from your vacation looking and feeling refreshed!