Breast Augmentation Procedures

Surgical breast operations are the most popular cosmetic surgery operation in the United States. These procedures can help build self-confidence and poise. Surgical breast operations can take on everything from uneven size or shape to augmentation and reduction. These procedures can dramatically change the way a person looks at themselves as individuals, and will help them radiate pure beauty, confidence and self-assurance.

The goal with any surgical breast operation is to achieve the breast shape and size the patient is seeking; ensuring that they will look natural and strikingly beautiful.


In addition, Dr. Enrique Hanabergh Jr., M.D. will work with his patients to customize a surgical plan that is safe and patient specific ensuring the results of their dreams. A breast procedure is a great option for many, as it can enhance upon the body’s natural assets with results that are eye-catching and long lasting.

When opting for a breast procedure, it is crucial to seek the best. Dr. Enrique Hanabergh Jr., M.D. will happily educate along the way and prepare you for the potential procedure.

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